A universal code that promotes professionalism and
connects progressive people across industries.

What is the Professionality Code of Conduct?

A promise to serve professionally

The Professionality code of conduct

is a promise of enterprises and individuals to serve each other and clients in a way that is professional. This commitment cultivates trust between all parties, ultimately benefiting the bottom line.

A statement of professionalism

The Professionality Institute’s Professional Code of Conduct

is a statement of professionalism used by individuals and enterprises to help them ensure their position as professionals in the workplace and with their clients.

A guide of workplace behavior

The Professionality code is used by enterprises

as a guide for professional workplace behavior. Individuals who embrace the code are not only more naturally inclined to better behavior but they are committed to it.

A guideline for decision making

The Professionality code of conduct sets universal guidelines

for enterprises and individuals to help ensure that the decisions they make live up to the highest standards of professionalism.


What others say about Professionality

” Think about it for a minute, if we combine those three the the effect of those three has some pretty profound implications. And the reason is that attitudes drive behaviors, and behaviors drive actions, then actions reinforce attitudes, and what those three things mean is there what they’re describing is literally us as individuals. So that tells me that being professional that can be applied by anyone and everyone.
And I think that’s a good thing.”

– Dale Atkins –

Why do I need the Professionality Code of Conduct?

It is a way of personal differentiation that demonstrates a proactive attitude and communicates intent to serve.








Caring attitude

How do I use the Professionality Code?

Persons who embrace the code can use the code to their benefit in the following ways.